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Director of Family & Children Ministry

Chapelwood United Methodist Church exists to help others take their next steps in faith.

Chapelwood Family & Children Ministry strives to create a space where families are welcome, children can experience spiritual growth, and parents are empowered to fill their roles as primary discipleship leaders of their families. The Director of Family & Children Ministry serves as the primary champion of this mission by leading and overseeing the family ministry strategy of Chapelwood UMC while practicing biblical principles, building and leading teams to accomplish goals, and providing spiritual and relational support for kids and families.

The Director of Family and Children Ministry reports to the Associate Pastor, in support of Senior Pastor guidance, under the vision and leadership of the Chapelwood mission, vision and strategic leadership teams.


Primary Responsibilities


Modeling Biblical Principles includes:

  • Committing to lifestyle practices that provide opportunities for growth in a relationship with God, including biblical reading, service, corporate worship and small group participation.

  • Maintaining honest & ethical relationships that protect one’s character and integrity including physical, relational and online platforms.

  • Faithfully supporting the mission of Chapelwood UMC privately and publicly, including regular financial support


Building & Leading Teams to accomplish the goals of Family & Children Ministry includes:

  • Building and maintaining a Children’s Planning Team that consists of leaders and laborers willing to plan, communicate and lead the execution of strategic plans to accomplish the Family and Children Ministry mission.

  • Recruiting, training and overseeing volunteers and systems that continually make space for parents, grandparents and additional community members to serve with kids and families in a variety of ways, from GROW Leaders to Events and other opportunities as needed.

  • Ensure volunteers are supported in their work and that activities planned and executed support the overall strategy of Family & Children Ministry, including curriculum, background checks completed and supplies.

  • Oversee the daily/weekly operational tasks needed to ensure that each opportunity to welcome, include and move families toward their next steps in faith are completed. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Spaces used by children are safe, engaging and developmentally appropriate

  • Safety measures are taken to ensure children and volunteers are protected

  • Materials are prepared and accessible by volunteers and parents

  • Follow up with volunteers regarding upcoming service and plans

  • Discerning and confronting current and future challenges needing strategic adaptation

  • Dreaming, communicating and building support for future plans that further Family & Children ministry goals

  • Dream, plan and execute leadership of small and large group events designed to be engaging, welcoming and developmentally appropriate events for kids and families that also extend invites to the community. This may include but is not limited to events like VBS, Trunk or Treat and Easter Egg Hunt.


Providing Spiritual and Relational Support for Families includes:

  • Actively building connections with current, visiting and new families that attend Chapelwood, including getting to know their names, and how God is currently at work in their lives.

  • Creating guest follow up processes and systems that introduce and begin conversations of faith that help decipher where families are on their faith journey, as well as possible next steps they may take together and individually.

  • Set aside time in the weekly/monthly schedule to build deeper relationships with parents and kids by meeting for coffee, attending a game or sending a card of encouragement.

  • Updating Pastoral staff and teams on the spiritual needs of kids and families, and supporting those needs when most appropriate.


The Director of Family & Children Ministry is a vital part of the church staff that works together towards the shared mission of Chapelwood UMC. Additional responsibilities and include:

  • Maintain worship as a priority, ensuring volunteer leadership exists that allows regular worship involvement.

  • Attend staff meetings and planning sessions regularly.

  • Participate in a Grow Group or Small Group.

  • Attend regular meetings with Associate Pastor and gain approval of changes in strategy before implementation

  • Support church wide and specific ministry events and activities that align with Chapelwood mission and vision.


Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $19.00 - $23.00 per hour



  • Weekend availability



  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)



  • Project Leadership: 1 year (Preferred)

  • Working with Children: 1 year (Preferred)

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