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Three biblical principles lay the foundation for how we approach the stewardship of our resources as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  1. God created everything.

  2. Everything belongs to God.

  3. As disciples of Jesus, we are trustees of things that belong to God.

"To Make Christ Centered Connections With Others"

Our purpose is not to build a building, but to build a community of faithful Christian disciples.

We participate in a Christ Centered Community

when we worship together, study together,

volunteer together, play together and when we

pray for each other. 

Chapelwood UMC members commit to a Christ Centered Community in our vows of membership.

We promise to be faithful members of this congregation, to support one another, and the ministries of the church with our:

  • Prayers

  • Presence

  • Gifts

  • Service 

  • Witness

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